"A.K., Santa Barbara, CA - 2017.


“For me the experience is continually bringing me new insights about myself and how to relate and feel other people. The night was one of the most life changing of my life, and I feel opened up to invite in my greatest potential. Your guidance and music made the evening so beautiful. I am so happy to know you and I would love to see you again when your back! Who knows, maybe come visit in Brazil sometime!

Thank you again, I feel bonded and connected with both of you. you both channel such beautiful music through a source that comes from such a deep well of love, earthiness, and spirituality."

W.S., 48, CA and Rio's retreat center, 2017/2018

"Work (or more suitably, play) with PazCiência begins long before you fall into the healing care of Gui and Paula and continues long after.  Never has my body, mind and soul been so deftly held on The Path, as the myriad experiences shared by these two masters.  True space holding starts at amenisis and on into expert consultations that unfold as exquisite ayurvedic dishes and deeply therapeutic treatments.  ALL of this within a container of such generosity of ornament that it humbles.   This preparation culminates in medicine work which merges the richness of arts and disciplines as colorful as the confluence of notes in a symphony.  I have danced with gods and angels with my friends Paula and Gui.  My heart has unfolded to reveal limitlessness, joy (alegria), true healing, and love, love, love.  New practices and old selves have been birthed. I have been held in their hearts and they are in mine, then, and today, long after we closed the circle. 


Bearing witness to mastery is a rare gift in our lifetimes – it is here…PazCiência."

H.B., 48, CA - 2017/2018

"During the weeks before the event, Paula and I had a few Skype sessions where we discussed my general personality, relationships, long term and short term goals, and what to expect. I met up with them the night before in LA after a long drive. We spent the whole day preparing for the event: massage, discussions, setting the intention, vegetarian meals, breathing exercises, yoga stretching.  The evening itself was amazing, and the music was out of this world. In my opinion the music is key to the experience because of it connects our mind to our feelings together, and leads you to to other place. Some notes become visions, make you cry or laugh, or hit you in the chest and leave you breathless. The next day we started the integration process, and I had a few more sessions with Paula in the following months. "

T.P., 66, private sessions in NYC, 2018

"Paula and Gui orchestrate an experience that is both profoundly transformative and fun!


I met Gui, and later Paula, while they were on tour in the US. I was at once struck by Gui's gentle, humble and loving presence.  Here is someone who is truly at peace. I was looking for a retreat, and was surprized to learn that an individual retreat was possible.  We scheduled at the end of the tour.  Each step of the process (interview, preparation and the different elements of the retreat) brought wonderful surprises as we got to know each other.  Paula's demeanor, too, was one of deep peacefulness.  


Paula and Gui are not only masters of their crafts, but they were masterful at structuring and executing our retreat. When changes in the program were needed, they responded flexibly, and deftly reorganized events. The available time was respected without any rush or worry. They never lost their peace, and always helped us maintain ours.


Their gift is an alchemical rebalancing of your life, so you can reach your dreams. Throughout the experience, they are teaching you how to live a more balanced life. We learned ceremonial teachings and rituals that we can incorporate into daily life. We also learned the importance of being able to see who you are, and what your next step is, without judgement.


Throughout our time together, we laughed a lot. We had so much fun!  I have to mention that Gui's guitar playing is nothing short of incredible. The beauty of his music lifted us into bliss. And Paula's ayurvedic skills and delicious cooking were critical in helping us stay balanced throughout the experience.


Paula and Gui created such a safe environment, that i found myself comfortable singing out more than usual.  Be ready to express yourself in whatever way makes you happy. You are in good hands."

B.L., 58, private sessions in NYC, 2018

"Spending time with Gui and Paula feels like a treasured gift that I will never forget.  They are a team who work together masterfully to create a sacred space for you to heal, contemplate and open with honesty and safety in their presence.  From the initial invitation to share truthfully about our lives to the preparations in advance, the transformation begins far before the actual meeting.  I was excited to learn and share much about Ayurveda and traditional rituals that they so expertly possessed.  My experience was that Gui and Paula shared from their hearts about whatever you held dear or wanted to know about.  Sort of like whatever you were ready for they were ready to help you succeed in.  I felt guided on my next step into my hearts path leading to a more fulfilling life in my relationship with food, music and with my closest relationships.   My husband and I felt our understanding of each other was strengthened by the non-judgmental listening presence and placement of sacred objects during the ceremony to strengthen our union.  It was perhaps an opportunity to marry again and see each other in a new light.  I would recommend couples to journey with Paula and Gui to find new ways of seeing and being in each other's presence. And to heal wounds that may have been inflicted during unconscious moments.  The only word to describe the music Gui plays is sublime.  He encouraged us to explore our musical inclinations and hearts desire to sing out, play instruments and explore more freedom of our spirits.  Paula taught and shared incredible Ayurvedic treatments and food that was amazingly delicious and we all journeyed together into a wonderland for a few days.  Nothing was rushed and if the plan changed there was no stress but a letting go into what felt right and yet nothing in the plan was ever forgotten.  We've made new friends that already feel like family and we look forward to seeing again maybe next time in Brazil!

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