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“Love is the essence of all religion, mysticism, and philosophy, and for the one who has learned this, love fulfills the purpose of religion, ethics, and philosophy, and the lover is raised above all diversities of faiths and beliefs.”

Hazrat​ ​Inayat​ ​Khan


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What is Soma? According to Vedic knowledge, it is a rejuvenating elixir, an alchemical nectar latent within us that can be awakened through a sincere practice of personal investigation. Gathering Ancient wisdoms with the modern paradigm, with elements of shamanism, music, art, poetry and clinic, we develop individual practices that best resonate with a particular moment, in order to access the nectar of inner wisdom, a broader perspective on the talents and potential of each.



Beyond the mat and modern fitness, Yoga has its roots on shamanism and is about ethical standards, self-discipline, mental resilience through psychophysical posture adjustments, life force extension through the regulation of breath, withdrawal of senses, concentration, meditation/contemplation and the transcendental realization of nature's interconnectedness.


It's about awakening the process of inner alchemy, bringing mindfulness, integrity and  discernment to important decisions of modern life's demands. Through the purification of the senses, we invite equanimity, mental clarity in communication, harmony in relation to yourself, your loved ones and community;


Strengthening the silent witness and the healthy internal dialogue, we access a natural primal life force and connection to our intimate purpose that transcends the fragmented perception of reality due to past conditioning and unconscious behaviour patterns.


In private yoga session or group practices, through technologies such as breathwork, postures, mantras and mudras inherited from different traditions, we create a safe container of joyful authentic self-exploration for all ages, all levels of experience and physical flexibility, considering one's unique needs and conditions.

There's the opportunity to recognize and breakthrough conditioned daily limited perceptions (avidya) by accessing more aspects of your own Self through holotropic states of consciousness (either through meditation, a walk in nature, a peak experience, art, breathwork, bodywork, music or plant medicine).



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