We work as an itinerant collective travelling around the world offering various modalities of retreats in different venues, chosen according to the demands and specific conditions of the clients.

In the Soma Yoga retreats,  seeking to meet the particularities of one's needs on the path of self-development, we bring together specific modalities and procedures to better suit the present process of the person. 2-3 days, 7 days, 21 days.





A non-dogmatic transdisciplinary therapeutic methodology that creates an opportunity to navigate safely into deep realms of one’s evolutionary journey and works as a catalyst of inner revolutions. Honoring our ancestors, plowing our history, planting good seeds, opening the paths for a new dawn and witnessing the blossom of new integral perspectives on personal and collective level, using integrative tools to support the best authentic flow in daily choices, challenges and relationships.

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- delicious "vegan" meals

- cacao ceremony

- ayurvedic diagnosis and procedures

- daily routine and food diet orientation

- plant medicine

- herbal masks

- 4 hands ayurvedic deep tissue massage

- vedic psychology

- aromatherapy

- chromotherapy

- gems therapy

- soma yoga practices

- sound journeys 

- overtone singing workshops



We consider the initial interview a master key of our work because it is fundamental to establish a first connection to the individuals who are joining us for this journey. Besides, in this conversation we will give you the directions / suggestions to start your preparation in order to maximize your experience.



We encourage the enhancement of the sense of self-care and self-responsibility for your actions, emotions and the continuous process of integration, to walk in alignment with your essence.

We contribute to the elaboration of personal practices in order to strengthen the connection to the teachings and insights, as you return to their own environment and routine.

You are an artist and your life is your self-expression. As you discipline yourself and hone your skills, your art will become the signature of your higher self.


“The discipline of maintaining a daily practice as well as the quality of attention we cultivate within the practice empowers us with the clarity and energy to take appropriate action on the positive changes we want make in our life. These changes can include diet and lifestyle choices, the way we relate to self and others, or our career and creative pursuits.”  

(Brian James)


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