“There are two aspects of life: the first is that man is tuned by his surroundings, and the second is that man can tune himself in spite of his surroundings.”


Hazrat​ ​Inayat​ ​Khan​

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Music plays a big role in this alchemical orchestra for its power to evoke internal contents, as well as the phenomenon of resonance in the soul-energy sphere. Music facilitates the process of meditation for it's imediate effects in the five senses and in the mental currencies.


A full spectrum of rhythms, nuances, textures and styles that help us navigate with grace into the polarities of life and gain a new perspestive towards the uncomfortable memories and repressed emotions.


Music Therapy goals are not music in itself, music can be used within a therapeutic relationship to address physical, emotional, cognitive, and social needs of individuals - not necessarily in a traditional format of a clinical setting.











You're invited to freely explore your musicality through singing workshops or private sessions, rhythm and body percussion lessons, practicing an instrument, dancing or just listening to one of our very carefully selected playlists, made by a certified music therapist.


Sound journeys, gong baths, circle songs, collective chants, sacred ceremonial music, mantras,  indigenous prayer chants, classical guitar pieces, drum circles, crystal bowls meditation, binaural beats and various sets of tuning forks used in marma points: the variety of musical textures reflects the vastness of our inner realms.


Other art modalities are vehicles of self-expression that allows us to work with the new material that might come to the surface in a creative way, such as drawing, dance, writing a poem, journaling, chanting freely or composing a new song.




Viagem Sonora, multi ethnic instrumental sound journey experience


flower of life yantra.jpg