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Guilherme Alves is the founder of PazCiência and a multi-instrumentalist music performer, music therapist (Brazilian Music Conservatory) with experience in public hospitals and special child care; in 2018, published an article named “Music Therapy and the multidisciplinary research on Ayahuasca”. Certified facilitator of Soma Yoga and Medicine School (England), integrative school that combines shamanic, artistic and ayurvedic lenses in order to build 1-1 lessons that support the access to one’s own treasure of practice and authentic expression.



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Member of TXAI (American Indian Shamanic Traditions), group from Rio de Janeiro that develops multi-disciplinary projects to support indigenous communities from Brazil for more than 12 years. Has joined international tours with indigenous leaders in Mexico and USA supporting festival, retrats, gatherings and fundraisings.


Member of the Ark of the Blue Mountain, transpersonal ecumenic interfaith holistic center in Rio de Janeiro, founded in 1997 by Philippe Bandeira de Mello, author of “The New Dawn of an Ancient Morning: Surprising differences between Sacred Plants and drugs - The mysterious properties of Entheogens”, a very important book unraveling a truly holistic perspective, integrating Ancient Sacred Traditions, Sacred Science and modern science on equal footing, painting a world view that fits perfectly with the new scientific paradigm. It presents a new interpretation for the initiatic aspects of the drug addiction problem, a universal phenomenon of ancient and modern times that has serious social repercussions nowadays.

In 2015, participated on a neuroimaging and human behavioural research project by the neuroscientist Tiago Arruda (PhD) at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Department of Radiology - the first fMRI study about closed-eye imagery following plant medicine ingestion, seeking results on emotion regulation, cognitive skills, motor plasticity, psychopharmacology and also on depression, anxiety, multiple sclerosis and migraine.





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Has an early academic background on Design and Sustainable development, focused on community building and permaculture. Has worked with theatre groups in musical play for kids about Yoga and mindfulness.

flower of life yantra.jpg