The senses are our entrance door to the world, how we interact and conceive reality. In the modern society, our senses are usually over-stimulated and numbed, which reflects directly on our decisions, thoughts, emotions. Although we are always “limited” to our own perceptions, we believe that they need to be tuned, cleansed and nurtured in order to experience things and our own development with more clarity, beyond the senses.

So, an ayurvedic session is an invitation to a new lifestyle that helps us unfold our lives as a way of self-knowledge and self-realization, uncovering greater capacities that link us to the universe as a whole and create harmony and abundance for all.

There are four main causal factors of imbalances: genetics, emotions, food, and the environment. The Ayurvedic methodology for the initial consultation (2 hours) is to map the possible imbalances in these areas, to then offer the possibility of treatment through combined suggestions of healthy daily routine habits, balanced diet, detox programs from 7 to 21 days, use of medicinal herbs and performing procedures such as massages and other interventions.

Psychotherapy sessions are a important part of our practice because it is an opportunity to address new contents and continuously keep repositioning yourself upon the one you're becoming and how the Self correlates to the environment and daily challenges. Our approach is based in Yogic Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology and Psychoanalysis.



"Integrating body, mind and consciousness at an individual level

integrating individual, family and community at a collective level

integrating humanity, nature and the divine at a cosmic level."

David Frawley, The Art and Science of Vedic Counseling, p. 131





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